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STOR Intern Western Digital RED 6TB SATA 3.5"

WD's exclusive NASware technology, built into every WD Red hard drive, improves NAS storage performance by reducing common hard drive concerns in NAS systems including concerns for things like compatibility, integration, upgradeability, reliability and cost of ownership that are experienced with a hard drive designed for desktop computers.

Beyond desktop with NASware

WD Red drives include WD's exclusive NASware technology that addresses many of the challenges a traditional desktop hard drive has in a NAS system. WD works directly with the partners to test compatibility and reduce thecustomer's guess work as to which drive is right for their NAS system. Designed to deliver a better customer experience in small NAS systems, this innovative firmware finely balances the most important attributes of performance, power, and reliability in multiple drive environments. The unique algorithms in NASware optimize power and performance without compromising on the attributes that NAS-system owner's value.

Important features for system integrators

In addition to features that make WD Red drives perfect for populating or upgrading NAS systems, NASware brings features that system integrators need when building specialized NAS systems.

Save power and money

NASware optimizes power use resulting in significant power savings and lower hard drive operating temperatures. This improves the overall reliability and performance of the drive and reduces the NAS cost of ownership.

Intelligent error recovery

With built in intelligent error recovery controls, NASware also prevents hard drives from being dropped off the RAID due to extended error recovery. This provides more availability and less down time rebuilding the RAID.

Command completion

To further improve reliability, NASware minimizes the data corruption or loss in the event of an unexpected power loss by completing the command in process before shutting down.

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