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NET HPE Aruba Instant ON AP22 (RW) - draadloze-toegangspunt - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6

Small businesses are facing a number of challenges - challenges that need constant attention. The right technology can help you stay on top of them and stay ahead of the curve. Technologies like the ones found inside the AP22. To meet the increasing needs and volumes of connected devices, Aruba Instant On is announcing its Wi-Fi 6 access point: AP22. Delivering higher capacity and greater performance at a competitive price, the AP22 is the perfect access point for small businesses with expanding mobile, cloud, and IoT requirements. Wi-Fi AP22 access point delivers faster Wi-Fi speeds, greater capacity, and reduced latency between access points and devices for an amazing Wi-Fi experience. With the AP22, you can upgrade your Wi-Fi network to boost performance across devices, while preparing it for more mobile and IoT devices in the future. AP22 can provide an exceptional user experience in a broad variety of scenarios. Remote offices, hybrid classrooms, hotels and restaurants. The AP22 can handle them all without breaking a sweat. No business can't afford downtime. The Aruba Instant On AP22 is designed for rapid deployment and simplified management. The AP22 lives to make your life easier.